Which Will Be Better: ‘Ant-Man’ or ‘Batman v Superman’?

In the past week (or in the past week or two just to cover my grounds) two high profile movies have wrapped production.  One being another addition to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) in ‘Ant-Man’ and the other being what DC hopes will successfully kick in their own cinematic universe, and that is ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. Both finished up their filming and will be entering post production to make their respective release dates. I do have to say that ‘Batman v Superman’ better look awesome and have way better looking special effects and what not seeing how it comes out in March 2016 while ‘Ant-Man’ comes out in July 2015. I believe it will, based off all the craziness that was apart of ‘Man of Steel’, but still I just felt the need to point that out.

Anyway, since these two movies will be very anticipated up until their release, thanks to different reasons besides the fact that they’re each another “comic book” movie to hit the big screen, I decided to make an early prediction about which one I think will be better. As of right now, there is no trailer or official footage (no not leaked set videos and things like that) to go by so I’m just going to base my opinion off what we know so far and the movies that each is affiliated with in their respective universe. So I’ll just start by giving why I could see each film being better or worse and then I’ll give my pick for who ultimately will take home the quality crown.

‘Ant-Man’ Will Be Better Because…

  • Paul Rudd is playing Ant-Man (or Scott Lang to be precise);That’s first and foremost. He is ‘Friends’ alumni6400068_cIBsB and you all know (or will soon learn) that the ‘Friends’ alumni will always get praise from me. Yeah sure he wasn’t a main “friend” but he was on the last couple of seasons so that counts too. Plus Rudd is funny and has been apart of some good movies ( such as ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’, ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Anchorman’) so I’m a fan of his for actual unbiased reasons too. I was surprised by his casting but I think it will turn out to be a good surprise and he will dominate the role.
  • Adam McKay is one of the screenwriters. He’s helped write some of the funniest movies I’ve seen (such as ‘Anchorman’, ‘Talladega Nights’ and ‘Step Brothers’) so I can’t wait to see what he brings to a movie universe that has implemented humor into their movies more and more. Plus McKay has been quoted in saying that the script still has some of what the movies former writer and director Edgar Wright implemented during his time working on the movie. So that should definitely be good news. I’m a fan of Wright’s unique style so a film that has a combination of work from McKay and Wright seems like potential awesomeness to me.
  • It’s a Marvel movie apart of the MCU. Their movies have been awesome so I don’t expect anything different this time around. And it’s just as simple as that.

…But ‘Ant-Man’ Could Be Worse Because…

‘Batman v Superman’ Will Be Better Because…

  • ‘Man of Steel’ was awesome. At least I thought it was. The action in the movie was ridiculous and amazing to watch. So since ‘Batman v Superman’ is basically the sequel and Zack Snyder is still directing, I expect the same level of excitement or higher this time around. It’ll still have the same look and dark tone to it so thanks to its predecessor, I’m going in on the “I’m Sold!” side of things.
  • Batman has been added to the mix. This will be the first time Batman and The-Town-starring-Ben-AffleckSuperman have shared the screen together in a live action film. That automatically puts the excitement at a crazy level. Plus Ben Affleck will be our Bruce Wayne this time around. Hopefully we get good Ben Affleck (the guy apart of movies like ‘The Town’‘Argo’ and ‘Gone Girl’) and not bad Ben Affleck (the guy apart of movies like ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jersey Girl’ and probably the worst movie EVER ‘Gigli’). If good Ben Affleck shows up then we will be in for a special ride.
  • ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ comic is being used as inspiration. I read the comic some months ago and became truly excited about what elements would make it on the screen because it is an exceptional piece of work.

…But ‘Batman v Superman’ Could Be Worse Because…

  • ‘Man of Steel’ did have some story and transition issues. Yes I know I thought it was awesome but it still had its flaws. If this movie doesn’t work on correcting those issues then those flaws could have a more detrimental effect this time around. This movie is going to have more characters and more story to deal with so telling the whole story is going to be tougher. So your storytelling skills should be on its A game.
  • We’re getting introduced to more superheros. That could be a bad thing because everything could get too crowded and jumbled. I mean we’re going to see Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash on top of Batman. That doesn’t seem like much but look at ‘Spider-Man 3’. That movie had three villains and that just made it feel like too much was going on. Things will be fine once ‘Justice League Part 1’ rolls around but how and when you introduce each character has to be timed perfectly. Throwing a lot of them in one movie as an “Easter egg introduction” is dicey but keep your fingers crossed.

Between ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Batman v Superman’, I Ultimately Believe…

‘Batman v Superman’ will be the better movie. With having two of the biggest superheros in one movie on top of the epic spectacle I expect Snyder to create, it just seems like that movie will have the edge. ‘Ant-Man’ could ultimately turn out to be as much as a surprise as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was so this prediction is a difficult one to make. I might have to revisit this debate once we get more from each film leading up to each of their respective release dates.

Vote below for which movie you think will be better and comment below with your reason or just to tell me how wrong I am and how dumb my points are. All opinions are welcome.


(Photo Credit: Dave Trumbore – http://collider.com/ant-man-poster-comic-con; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2975590; http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=620131;  Bruce Simmons – http://brusimm.com/ben-afflecks-the-town-is-a-fantastic-film-a-movie-review/)

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