My Wishful 2014 Oscar Winners

It’s almost been a week since the Oscars aired so all the other reaction posts to the winners and losers should have already come by now. That leaves me to come in and have the lane all to myself for a quick second. This could mean I’m just late and touching on an irrelevant topic or whatever but I disagree and that’s that.

Anyways, for some select categories, below I  gave the nominees I wished had won an Oscar. You might notice one or two of my wishful winners actually won the Oscar but other than that, they’re all different. Also, comment and let me know if you agree or if I’m just way off.

Best Picture

Actual Winner: 12 Years a Slave

Wishful Winner: The Wolf of Wall Street

The best movie from 2013 should have took home this award but I guess this movie is just to edgy an over the top for the Academy. It was still nominated so I guess that’s something.


Actual Winner: Alfonso Cuaron – Gravity

Wishful Winner: Martin Scorsese – The Wolf of Wall Street

I’m just being biased. I would like to see the person who directed my favorite movie win this award. Cuaron definitely deserved it though but this article is called “My WISHFUL 2014 Oscar Winners” not “Those Who DESERVED To Win Oscars.”

Actor in a Leading Role

Actual Winner: Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club

Wishful Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street

Leo needs to get his respect as an actor when it comes to the Academy Awards. I personally thought this was one of his best performances ever but that’s just me. I just want my favorite actor to win this big award FINALLY.

Actress in a Leading Role

Actual Winner: Cate Blanchett – Blue Jasmine

Wishful Winner: Meryl Streep – August: Osage County

Streep’s role in this ‘August: Osage County’ was entertaining and crazy. But she also pulled it off really well. So I just feel like this millionth nomination of hers should have got her another win.

Actor in a Supporting Role

Actual Winner: Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club

Wishful Winner: Jonah Hill – The Wolf of Wall Street

Jonah Hill is just my favorite actor out of the nominees and he was hilarious in this role so that’s why I wished he would have won. Jared Leto was great in his role so not upset that he won.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Actual Winner: Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years a Slave

Wishful Winner: Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle

Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite actress so of course I had to side with her. She also gave another great performance so I wished she would have added another Oscar to her collection.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Actual Winner: 12 Years a Slave

Wishful Winner: The Wolf of Wall Street

The script was written well and did so in a variety of different areas. The dialogue was never boring, the humor was there, and the motivational speeches were awesome.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Actual Winner: Her

Wishful Winner: Her

A movie has to have a strong script when the movie is basically about a man talking to a software. So since it’s a great movie then that should just sell you. The Academy and I actually agreed on something.

Animated Feature Film

Actual Winner: Frozen

Wishful Winner: Monster’s University (Oh wait it wasn’t nominated)

I didn’t see ‘Frozen’ so I shouldn’t say if it should have won or not won but I just wish ‘Monster’s University’ was nominated. This sequel was my favorite animated film of 2013 so I wish it was given more love.

Production Design

Actual Winner: The Great Gatsby

Wishful Winner: Her

The futuristic touch that was given to the set of ‘Her’ was really cool. It wasn’t anything too big which made it believable for our actual future. ‘The Great Gatsby’ design was more elaborate so it was easier to notice and standout. With that said it was still a worthy winner.

Music (Original Score)

Actual Winner: Steven Price – Gravity

Wishful Winner:Steven Price – Gravity

The score for this film helped create the tension for this space thriller. So that helped increase my enjoyment for the movie itself.

Music (Original Song)

Actual Winner: “Let It Go” – Frozen

Wishful Winner: “Happy” – Despicable Me 2

I actually like the song Pharrell created for the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack so I had to go with that nominee. Also, it is the most successful song of the nominees in my opinion so that should count for something.

Visual Effects

Actual Winner: Gravity

Wishful Winner: Iron Man 3

This is one of my favorite movies of 2013 so I would love if it won something. The visual effects in the film are pretty cool and my opinion about that was only enhanced after I watched the behind the scenes material. The effects in ‘Gravity’ are honestly better (which should be the case since it took so long to make the movie) but I couldn’t pick it because, again, my heart is in a more biased place.

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  1. If I remember correctly, only one the judges saw any of the animated movies, and the rest said they voted for frozen because it was basically the only one they knew about, according to what I read in an article. I think the Miyazaki movie should have won, overall animation and story were superior in my opinion.

    1. Man if that’s true that then that is messed up. If you’re getting paid to judge the movies, then judge all the movies. I’ll take their job if they don’t want.

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