My 2013 Complete Movie List: #14 – #1

Here are movies #14 – #1:

14. Prisoners
Although I read a review that spoiled the movies ending for me by just mentioning a slight description of a character, I still really enjoyed this thriller. I just realized I’m a big fan of thriller type movies that are centered on a cop trying to solve a case. Jake Gyllenhaal brought a lot to his character. You could tell Detective Loki had a past even though the movie didn’t really discuss much of his personal issues. So yeah, I thought this was a great movie but I called have done without Hugh Jackman yelling constantly throughout.

13. Monster’s University
The kid in me came out while watching this movie. I have found memories of watching ‘Monster’s Inc.’ as a child. This sequel, all though not as good as its predecessor, was still great nonetheless. It was nice to see how our favorite monsters from the first one got their start in the scaring business. Mad me want to watch the first one again actually but haven’t gotten to it yet. You know what…I should do that right now…actually I’ll just do it later.

12. The Conjuring
You’ll soon realize that James Wan is my favorite director if you don’t already know. What he’s done to the horror genre has been genius in my eyes. For this film, he brought his A game once again. This film slow throughout but it still keeps the mood tense and “terrifying” as a scary should do. I didn’t do any jumping while watching it but I like methods he used to scare the audience and the timing of them.

11. Fast and Furious 6
Was surprised that this movie is so high up on my list but I can’t help it, it was so fun to watch. I mean it includes action scenes that have the most unrealistic outcomes but that can be overlooked since it’s such an entertaining movie. But if I start thinking about all those unrealistic things, like Vin Diesel being able to walk out of that fired consumed plane, I might start talk myself into dropping this movie but that’s not happening so I’m going to just move and not talk about it or how Paul Walkers death was horrible and how it put a very promising 7th installment (with my favorite director James Wan now on board) in a bad place.


10. The Place Beyond the Pines
This film was unique in the fact that it used 3 different story segments, with different stars for each but they all tied together. I thought it was pretty cool. The first story segment with Ryan Gosling was the strongest with the next two each declining in quality. With that said the stories were still good and created an interesting storyline as a whole. The unique storytelling method just made the story work even more.

9. Pain and Gain
The story of bodybuilders using extortion and kidnapping to try to get some money in their pockets was a story that was meant to be seen on the silver screen. Michael Bay was able to take the story and make a very entertaining body of work. Although it wasn’t completely accurate (what movies based on true stories are anyways) it did highlight some actual events from the true story that added to the films entertainment. What also stood out was a film with sort of a touchy subject matter, the movie was a comedy. The family of those affected in the real life situations might not like it but I actually thought it worked really well. Dwayne Johnson also put the best performance of his career with his comedic role.

8. Insidious: Chapter 2
James Wan is my favorite director, Leigh Whannell is my favorite screenwriter and I loved “Insidious” so I had high expectations for this movie. Personally I thought this sequel was on par with and maybe even better than its predecessor. But what might make “Insidious” better is the fact that its last act was more exciting than the sequels. I just can’t make up my mind but whatever. I’m a sucker for good plot twists and this movie didn’t let me down. I can’t wait for chapter 3.

7. Her
A movie about falling in love with an operating system seems weird but I like weird. Maybe even love it because I thought this was a really great movie. The conversations between Theodore and Samantha (a.k.a. operating system) were entertaining and felt more than a man just talking to a random voice. This might be because Scarlett Johansson did such a great job with using just her voice. It almost felt like she was actually on screen at some moments.

6. Fruitvale Station
Michael B. Jordan, in my opinion put on one of the top two performances of 2013. His amazing performance (which was ROBBED by the Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.) was at the forefront of an already great and heartfelt movie. The movie does a great job showing the growth a young man is trying to make even when he’s being hit with day-to-day struggles up until the tragic ending. I saw this movie three times in theaters and each time I almost shed a tear. If a movie can get to a heartless person like myself each viewing, then it must be doing something right.

5. The Way Way Back
This movie is clearly my biggest surprise of 2013. The movie looked good but I was surprised at just how good it actually was. I found myself really into the story and the characters and walked away very impressed. The script was a major highlight as was the performance by Sam Rockwell. He showed great comedic timing and I feel he should have definitely gotten more love for maybe a Best Supporting Actor nomination for some of these many award shows.

4. This is the End
Clearly the funniest movie of the year. I saw the movie twice in theaters and laughed harder the second time so that must be a good sign. The chemistry of the cast worked so well in the movies favor and created so many laughs. Even with all the great comedic performances from some very hilarious people, it’s crazy to say that Danny McBride stood out the most.

3. Man of Steel
This film had probably the greatest action/fight scenes I have ever seen. Many people probably don’t agree because they were just so destructive and epic but that’s what I like to see. I like to live in the now while I’m viewing them and hope later that problems all the destruction has caused is touched on. But anyways, this darker take on Superman had its flaws with pacing and transitioning through scenes but when it takes off, IT TAKES OFF! I also must say I liked the approach to not rehash what we already know about Clark Kent’s story. That might have played into the pacing issues which plays into the statement “No one is ever happy.”

2. Iron Man 3
I’m a sucker for Marvel movies. The Marvel movies of late just have really clicked with me. Things don’t change with me when it comes to this latest adventure with Tony Stark. I love for a movie to just entertain me and that’s exactly what this movie did. The action was great, the humor was there and once again Robert Downey Jr. was awesome. I even have to give the movie credit for its bold twist with a certain villain. I would have preferred that to play out differently but it’s cool to see it boldly go in a different direction.


1. The Wolf of Wall Street
Leonardo DiCaprio (the man I believe to be the GREATEST actor of all-time) ceases to amaze me. He not only usually takes on interesting roles but plays them so well. The same can be said for his character in this film. His character, Jordan Belfort, is so crazy and over the top that it’s so interesting to watch. The craziness doesn’t just stop at Belfort; the movie which chronicles the real life Jordan Belfort is full of wild entertainment throughout its three hours. This movie has no bad performances, keeps you laughing, and on the edge of your seat for what crazy thing is going to happen next.

Movies #28 –  #15


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