My 2013 Complete Movie List: #28 – #15

Here are movies #28 – #15:

28. A Haunted House
I expected just a plain dumb movie that I wouldn’t enjoy that much even though I’ve enjoyed movies done by the Wayans brothers. This movie turned out to be funnier than I thought. I found myself laughing non-stop while I was sitting by myself in the theater. The movie was of course still dumb but I enjoy dumb humor when done correctly and I felt this was done correctly. If it was PG-13 though, I probably would feel a completely different way.

27. Gangster Squad
I personally felt January 2013 started off good with this film and A Haunted House bringing my type of entertainment. This movie didn’t excel in one specific thing but the story was so simple that, for some reason, it allowed me to just enjoy the movie more. I don’t know if that makes sense but that’s the only way I can explain; Just a simple concept that I enjoyed watching play out on the screen. Oh and Emma Stone was in it so that might of also helped.

26. Star Trek 2: Into Darkness
Still not sure if this sequel is better than its predecessor from a few years ago but it doesn’t matter, it’s still a great film. Chris Pine continues to show that he just fits in the role of Captain Kirk (I’m saying this even though I was not a Star Trek fan at all before JJ Abrams decided to give the franchise a shot). Benedict Cumberbatch excelled in his (not so top secret, easy to figure out) role. But I will say that the big ending didn’t really grab me the way I’m sure the makers of the film probably wanted it to. Just seemed like a lazy execution. Other than that, great film.

25. Kick Ass 2
I’m going to assume I enjoyed this film more than a lot of people did. It wasn’t better than the first one but the first set a high bar in my opinion. This movie made me want to begin reading all the actual Kick Ass comic books. I really wished this film made much more money so that there would be no doubt that a third installment would get made (who knows, it still might happen). Also, Jim Carrey’s Colonel Stars and Stripes should have gotten more screen time because he put on one of his best performances in a while.

24. August: Osage County
The family in this film was completely nuts, starting with Meryl Streep’s character, Violet. Streep and Julia Roberts were definitely deserving of their Oscar nominations because the tension filled chemistry created most of the excitement. I couldn’t even imagine interacting with my family the way this family interacted with each other (even if I might want to….).

23. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
The first Anchorman, if I really felt like thinking about it, probably is the funniest movie I’ve ever seen. So I couldn’t wait for this sequel to come out. I don’t necessarily know if this film lived up to my exceedingly high expectations but I laughed throughout the 2 hour plus film so I assume that that’s a good sign. The “foursome” news team created the same hilarious chemistry as before. The implementation of famous news stories was also another hilarious element included. The all out brawl towards the end was hysterical thanks to all those cameos. I will say the end was a little weak and could have definitely been moved to the deleted scenes section on the Blu-Ray.

22. 12 Years of a Slave
I feel I’m usually desensitized to “hard to watch” material but throughout this movie I found myself feeling more like a human. This film touching on the touchy subject of slavery had me cringing somewhat during a few scenes. Although tough to watch at times, the film is paints a very real picture of what it was probably like during the time of slavery. Also, the last scene with Chiwetel Ejifor, as Solomon Northup, was one of few scenes this year that gave me chills. So you know he must have put on a great performance.

21. Don Jon
I’m becoming a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This film only increased my fondness for his work. His directorial debut isn’t for everyone because I guess it can be looked at as very inappropriate but what isn’t now-a-days. The message behind the movie, which deals with how relationships can try to effect who you are, was portrayed well. Using porn addiction as an example was something we usually don’t see but I like the unordinary.

20. The Wolverine
I honestly didn’t hate X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I kind of liked it. I did, however, hate how they did Deadpool and didn’t care if I ever saw it again after I first saw it. With this story of the Wolverine, we got a way better story of the famous X-Men member. Hugh Jackman was once again great as Logan as he’s been several times before. It was interesting to see a more vulnerable Logan than we usually see.

19. Thor: The Dark World
Marvel continues its winning streak. The fact that the Marvel Universe films are connected and continue a larger connected story makes the films more enjoyable to me. This Thor installment would have still been fun to watch without all that added stuff I just touched on. I better villain this time around really helped. I’m not saying that Thor wasn’t a good movie, but when you hero actually has that one person that is making their life very difficult, we as the viewer can start siding with the hero more. With all that, Malekith wasn’t the best villain but he was good enough to help the film somewhat and not get in its way all at the same time.

18. Gravity
I wish I was able to see this movie in IMAX 3D because this a great looking film. If it didn’t look as great, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as good as it was. Still the movie did well making an entertaining movie out of just one person floating around in space trying to get back to Earth. Also, if the movie was even a little bit remotely longer, it would probably be sitting a lot lower on this list.

17. American Hustle
David O. Russell is becoming one of my favorite filmmakers because he has been on a roll with his last few movies. This time around, he brought together an all-star cast and they all brought their A game. I’ll admit this movie is somewhat slow but the dialogue is so strong that it makes all somewhat forgiven. Also, the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is in it so…yeah enough said. I would like to point out that I don’t understand why this movie is labeled a comedy. I mean it’s funny at times but if someone was to ask me to describe ‘American Hustle’, I wouldn’t start out by saying “it’s a comedy.”

16. Rush
This was one of my surprises of 2013. I thought it was going to be good but I didn’t think I was going to enjoy as much as I did. I mean I don’t even like Formula 1 racing really but I enjoyed it in this movie. The acting and the way the movie was shot was outstanding. Daniel Brühl should have gotten more attention for his dominating role as Niki Lauda. Ron Howard should have gotten more love for his directing job. I was really impressed with the stylish look of the film.

15. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The first ‘Hunger Games’ took me by surprise made me a fan of the bubbling franchise and also solidified my infatuation with Jennifer Lawrence. So I couldn’t wait for this sequel. This one might have not had as much action in the actuals games as the first one did (or kid on kid violence that I got a kick out of) but this one was still a better film. The struggle Katniss and Peeta experience after winning their first go around with the Hunger Games was riveting to watch and has upped my excitement for the 2 part finale. Bring on the rebellion against the Capitol!

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