My 2013 Complete Movie List: #42 – #29

Here are movies #42 – #29:

42. Now You See Me
I had high expectations for this movie. It was near the top of summer films I was most looking forward to and I have to say that it didn’t live up to my expectations. But that’s probably because they were too high. The movie was still good and I enjoyed how it dealt with the “magic trick” events. I also didn’t see the twist coming which is always a good thing to me. I would have liked to see the characters of The Four Horsemen be developed more. They seemed like they were going to be the stars and then all eyes went and stayed on Mark Ruffalo’s character. I’m anticipating the sequel and that could kind of doom that movie too.

41. 42
I didn’t expect to enjoy this movie as much as I did. I felt like Chadwick Boseman’s take on Jackie Robinson was pretty good and it also helps that he looked just like him. The movie also chronicled the events of Robinsons first year in professional baseball without getting to dark. The tone was perfect for a broad audience.

40. Olympus Has Fallen
I expected this to be the awful version of the two white house take over movies to be released in 2013. Now I do feel like it wasn’t the best of the two films but I was still surprised at the fact that I thought it was good. The action kept me entertained throughout and reminded what type of action star Gerard Butler can be if he doesn’t throw lame movies like ‘Chasing Mavericks’ and ‘Playing for Keeps’ into his filmography. But this movies methods for breaking into the white house just seemed plain stupid and the CGI was way too noticeable at times. Definitely scars on this film’s resume.

39. Oz: The Great and Powerful
The look of this movie looked amazing, especially on an IMAX screen. Also, the story wasn’t a bad origin to classic movie. And James Franco was fine as Oz. The movie was just a fun watch. What will say was a botch on the films part was the casting of the Wicked Witch. I love Mila Kunis but she just isn’t meant to play no Wicked Witch. Her voice just doesn’t fit. She did nail the signature laugh though.

38. Dallas Buyers Club
Matthew McConaughey once again showed why he’s a great actor (even though his role choices earlier in his career weren’t the best) and Jared Leto was almost unrecognizable as Rayon. The dedication shown in their performances carried this film because otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been all that good. I’m still bothered by that cheap montage traveling flight scene. It just looked horrible and I can’t get it out my head.

37. You’re Next
This is what I call entertainment! You have a violent horror movie with some crazy violent kills and it doesn’t take itself too serious. It lets the audience laugh and have a good time. And there’s also a little plot twist at the end. I just can’t get enough of those. ‘You’re Next’ is the fresh guide that other films in its genre should look at to get inspiration from and build off of.

36. Despicable Me 2
The minions are a funny bunch of characters. They kid in me feels on full display when I’m laughing at their antics. I also find it hilarious that they people names (I don’t know why but I do). They basically carry the movie for me. But everything plays a nice complementary side kick to round the movie out.

35. Bad Grandpa
This is a movie you see if you just want to laugh. It tried to incorporate an actual story and not just be a bunch skits and it was nice of it to try that. It actually helped me have some sort of feelings for the characters instead of just laughing at them. But still the whole point is to laugh. The individual moments from the films stars and the chemistry between the stars Johnny Knoxville’s Irving and Billy brought plenty of those laughs.

34. White House Down
This white house take over film was probably more ridiculous than the other but it was more entertaining. The level entertainment made all that ridiculousness more forgivable. I enjoyed the teaming of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum and how it played out on screen. They brought some nice humor to the table and were a part of some wild action moments. I looked at all as pure summer blockbuster movie fun.

33. Side Effects
This thriller seemed so slow throughout but kept my attention the whole time. After it was over I had to really think about what I just saw so I could try to understand the movie. Once I firmly understood what was going on in what I just saw, I became very pleased with the movie. I like when a movie can make me think ONLY when I like the outcome of that thought process. If a movie leaves me confused and forces me to think about it and then I realize that I didn’t like what I just saw now that I understand the movie, I will not be a happy person (yeah I know that’s a lot to take in).

32. Old Boy
I haven’t seen the original but after seeing this ‘Old Boy’ I’m really interested now. The premise of locking someone up in a motel room for an unknown reason and then letting them out and forcing them to figure out why they were imprisoned is interesting to me. I’m not usually a Spike Lee fan but I like what he did with this remake. I also enjoyed the performance by cast from Josh Brolin to Sharlto Copley. As I might have already mentioned before, I like to see crazy, twisted things happen in movies and this movie feeds that appetite. Everything up until the movie was pretty good but it’s the surprise I felt from the end that bumped this movie up for me. You can call me sick if you want.

31. We’re The Millers
If you got Jennifer Aniston in your movie, I’m most likely going to be down to take a gander at it (got to support the ‘Friends’ alumni). But this movie had Aniston in it and just looked pretty funny. The outcome turned out to be… pretty funny. The whole cast brought several laughs. I thought 2013 was a good year for comedies and this was one of the notches on the belt.

30. The To Do List
Becoming a bigger fan of Aubrey Plaza after seeing her do more and more things. Her performance in this movie showed she was made to do this comedy thing. The rest of the cast, which was surrounded with many other hilarious actors, helped me watch this raunchy comedy with tears spilling out of my eyes from all the laughter.

29. The Heat
Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock formed a pretty entertaining duo. They brought the laughs and entertainment and the supporting cast would come in and try to make the most of their time on the screen. I’m still laughing at all the pictures of Jesus showing how great of an athlete he is.

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