My 2013 Complete Movie List: #70 – #57

Here are movies #70 – #57:

70. Stoker
This movie was good. Its best parts just weren’t the most entertaining things to watch and when it was slow, it was pretty slow. The dialogue and the characters weren’t strong enough to completely carry the story throughout.

69. Enough Said
A good movie with a good story. There isn’t really much bad I can say about this movie. It just didn’t seem made for my audience. Maybe if it was funnier, I could have probably looked past that.

68. Kings of the Summer
I expected this movie to turn out to be a surprise and be one of the better movies of the year. My expectations turned out to be too great to live up to. This movie could have used more laughs and more screen time for Nick Offerman. Yeah that probably would have helped.

67. Delivery Man
In my opinion this movie was not a comedy because I giggled a few times but don’t feel like the movie intended to make me laugh more. It just seemed to be a coming of age story about an immature man wanting to grow up after some unforeseen events. I could be wrong and it could just have been a not funny comedy. But if I’m right, then the movie was pretty alright.

66. Runner Runner
Justin Timberlake is the star so that’s an automatic plus. Ben Affleck does good Ben Affleck so that’s a plus. So I should be a big fan of this movie. Well whoever wrote this movie tried his hardest to flood this movie with negativity. The story was poorly developed, the dialogue was weak a times, and the end was so easy not satisfying in the slightest.

65. About Time
I liked the switch this movie made from being a love story to a story about a man’s relationship with his father. Looks weird when you read it but it turned out pretty good. Its this low on my list simply because I didn’t enjoy as much as the other movies. It’s a very generic answer but it’s the truth and the only way I can actually explain it.

64. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
After first seeing this movie, I was thoroughly impressed but once I took the time to reflect on how much I actually enjoyed the movie, my thoughts changed. I began to realize a lot of the stories flaws that the action couldn’t make up for. Not a bad movie, I just walked out of it feeling higher on it than I actually should have

63. Machete Kills
This sequel turned up the notches on the “goofy” scale and made sure that it wasn’t taking itself too seriously. While watching this movie, I understood that but still was left a little let down. I really enjoyed it predecessor so I was a little disappointed that this one was even sillier. With that said, I still was entertained and would actually like to see “Machete Kills Again in Space” just to see if Robert Rodriguez would make it.

62. Identity Thief
I’m a fan of Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy so I expected this movie to be hilarious. The premise sounded entertaining too. The outcome wasn’t as funny as I expected. The more comedies that were released after this, the more I realized that this movie wasn’t as funny as I thought it was when I first saw it.

61. Carrie
This movie was well acted and it made me laugh a couple times. It just wasn’t the most entertaining thing to watch and the big prom scene at the end just didn’t live up to the build-up or what it could have been in this remake. Yes this movie is a victim of my a little too high personal expectations.

60. The Hangover Part. 3
I don’t believe that this franchise was always thought to be a 3 part series. The first one was great and made lots of money so clearly sequels were then in its future. But anyways I’m a fan of the franchise. Part 2 was good and would have been even better if it wasn’t a sequel to its very similar predecessor. Part 3 on the other hand took a huge step back. The writing and the jokes just seemed lazier than the previous 2. Not the strongest way to go out.

59. Out of the Furnace
This film felt like such a disappointment. This story of revenge headlined by the great Christian Bale could have been handled better. Things in the film, somehow, seemed to progress very slowly and the big end scene happened to quickly with little excitement. The movie wasn’t bad at all but I just expected a lot more.

58. Disconnect
I like to call this movie ‘Crash’ with a more technology focus. That is kind of insulting to ‘Crash’ because this movie is nowhere as good as ‘Crash’ was. The weak resolution to each personal story in the film just really lost a lot of points with me.

57. Filth
James McAvoy did a great job playing the “filthy” cop. The up and down emotions he brought to his character was fun to watch. I would have thought this film was much better if the story was constructed in a better way. I liked the twist at the end (of course because I love a good twist) but the plot development up until that point wasn’t completely clear. A lot of interesting ideas were thrown out on the table but wasn’t made clear at some points. The promotion or the murder that was involved in the plot just didn’t seem too important to the story even though those elements were.

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