My 2013 Complete Movie List: #56 – #43

Here are movies #56 – #43:

56. Drinking Buddies
This movie has a cast of actors that I’m a fan of (Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston) and their performances were all good with me. The storyline let me down in a few ways. I felt like it glossed over some moments that seemed key to the plot. Throughout the film, it feels like the movie is teetering on something great but just can’t quite take that next step.

55. Enders Game
I didn’t expect much from this movie personally. So expectations were low. That’s probably why I felt like it exceeded my expectations and was actually a pretty good movie…that is until the end. The final battle twist was clear from the beginning of the scene and should have been bigger and that alien thing…ugh…I don’t know why the story took the turn for the worse but it did. Luckily it didn’t it completely ruin the entertainment that was built up before that and the good performance by Asa Butterfield.

54. Pacific Rim
The premise of big ol’ robots slugging it out with big ol’ monsters seemed like a good formula for an entertaining time at the movies, especially around summer blockbuster season. The end result wasn’t up to par with my expectations. When the action was occurring, the movie was going fine to me. But when the action stopped and the plot was being developed, I found myself bored at times and some of that had to do with Charlie Hunnam’s character.

53. The Best Man Holiday
I’ll admit I never seen ‘The Best Man’ in full so I didn’t know if I should assume this movie would be good or bad. The trailers looked ok but the movie turned out to be better than just ok. The story was predictable (even the sad moments at the end) but I found myself chuckling often (especially at Terrence Howard). Basically I walked out the theater nodding to myself saying “yeah that was pretty good.”

52. Short Term 12
Brie Larson’s performance has been getting lots of praised and I can see where it’s coming from. Personally I thought at times she was slightly overdoing it when she would show the pain her character was dealing with but what do I know. Either way her performance was still good along with Keith Stanfield as Marcus and Kaitlyn Dever as Jayden. Also, the story did well showing what it intended. It’s where it’s at on my list because I felt like it could have taken more risks and upped the intensity. I guess I just like to see stuff like that and yeah I’m basically holding this movie from being viewed as better in my eyes.

51. Captain Phillips
Only a few performances gave me chills this year. Tom Hanks’ scene at the end after being rescued definitely gave me chills and, as always for me, it felt weird. But he’s a phenomenal actor so I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t in love with the rest of the film though. Being cooped up in the lifeboat for a lot of the movie did create tension but it didn’t absorb me into the story like I thought it would. It was still a good movie but just wasn’t the type of movie I wanted it to be.

50. The Spectacular Now
I’ve been a Shailene Woodley fan since the beginning of ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager’ (yeah I said it) so I always look forward to her movies. The feel of this movie reminded of ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ (which I loved) so I began to get excited to see it. The movie turned out to be good but will probably fair better after a second viewing. This, and along with a lot of other movies around this part of the list, just left me unfulfilled in away. There’s just a piece of the plot that I feel was missing or wasn’t developed enough or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it. The performance from the two young actors were good so what could the problem be. Let me think…

49. The Iceman
The story of Richard Kuklinski seems interesting to me (maybe because I’m sick and psychotic, I don’t know) so this movie seemed like it would be interesting. Plus, I’ve been becoming more of a fan of Michael Shannon lately so I wanted to see what he would bring to the role. His performance was good as was the movie itself. But I feel the movie didn’t have a good mix of telling the story of his murders and how his double life was affecting his life with his family.

48. World War Z
I have to commend this movie for not being terrible. After all the struggles it went through with shooting and a constant increasing budget, I expected a mediocre movie. Luckily ‘World War Z’ actually turned out to be a good movie. It had some nice action scenes, nice amount of humor (most of which didn’t seem intentional), Brad Pitt was Brad Pitt and it wasn’t your typical zombie movie which was refreshing. What left me unsatisfied though was the weak ending they decided to go with. The ending was so bland and had no punch (figuratively and literally).

47. The Great Gatsby
I’ll admit this wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio’s most exciting movie but I’m still going to be biased. No but seriously, his sheer talent on screen is able to make a, what would be rather dull film, be something good. The colorful and lavish set pieces used in the film also worked with the 3D and spiced the movie up some.

46. Elysium
This is no ‘District 9’ but Neill Blomkamp still created a good film. I must say that when I heard that Eminem (the best rapper EVER) turned down the role that ultimately went to Matt Damon, I began to wonder how much more awesomer (yes that’s a word today) the movie would have been with Mr. Mathers. But anyways back to reality, this movie seemed to rush its best moments. When the action started on Earth, it ended quickly in my eyes and then made its way up to Elysium. The action on Elysium didn’t even seem too thought out. All I know Max was supposed to be this unstoppable force with that crap attached to him and that didn’t seem like the case at all. I just want some good action!…But still a good film though.

45. Trance
Stealing art in movies might slowly become the next trend in Hollywood. I mean we got ‘Trance’ and then ‘The Monuments Men’ to start things off for us. I’m just saying, if it happens I called it. But I enjoyed the storyline of this movie with the stolen piece of art being hidden from those who stole it because of someone’s loss of memory. That and the attempts made to retrieve said lost art (along with another twist) kept me attentive. Once again though, I wasn’t too proud of the final act of the film. It was horrible but it’s the reason why the film isn’t any higher on this list.

44. Evil Dead
I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the original. It just looks too cheap for me to even begin to give it a chance. The premise seemed interesting so I’m glad they remade it. The movie didn’t bring anything new really to the table. It just made me laugh and had a butt load of violence so I was basically a happy camper. Not much more to say.

43. 2 Guns
The combination of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg worked well for this film. Their chemistry, humor and the shootout the film gave us were what made this movie. The barely decent plot, on the other hand, I could have been less into so that shows how much of a role those benefits played for me.

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