My Wishful 2014 Oscar Winners

It's almost been a week since the Oscars aired so all the other reaction posts to the winners and losers should have already come by now. That leaves me to come in and have the lane all to myself for a quick second. This could mean I'm just late and touching on an irrelevant topic... Continue Reading →


My 2013 Complete Movie List: #14 – #1

Here are movies #14 - #1:14. Prisoners Although I read a review that spoiled the movies ending for me by just mentioning a slight description of a character, I still really enjoyed this thriller. I just realized I’m a big fan of thriller type movies that are centered on a cop trying to solve a... Continue Reading →

My 2013 Complete Movie List: #70 – #57

Here are movies #70 - #57: 70. Stoker This movie was good. Its best parts just weren’t the most entertaining things to watch and when it was slow, it was pretty slow. The dialogue and the characters weren’t strong enough to completely carry the story throughout. 69. Enough Said A good movie with a good... Continue Reading →

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