Outcome of My ‘Catching Fire’ Prediction

A couple months I made a prediction regarding ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’. Basically I predicted that the film would be number one at the box office for three weeks straight but you can check out the full article right here. ‘Catching Fire’ has now been out for three weekends and the numbers for third weekend are out. Was my prediction accurate? Did ‘Catching Fire’ win the weekend and make it three straight weeks at number one?

Unfortunately for me, the answer is no. ‘Catching Fire’ was dethroned this weekend by ‘Frozen’. The Jennifer Lawrence led ‘Catching Fire’ brought in $27 million for the weekend while ‘Frozen’ brought in $31.6 million in its second weekend. The two films had a nice battle last weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday but ‘Frozen’ came away with second. Positive word-of-mouth and good reviews must of helped ‘Frozen’ snatch the belt from the popular sequel.

I didn’t expect ‘Frozen’ to be strong enough to pass ‘Catching Fire’ so quickly but (SHOCKINGLY) I was wrong. For next weekend, both films should expect to not have the number one spot as ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ is expected to take the top spot easily. I must added that number one or not, both movies are bringing lots and lots of money while I’m still a broke college student. Just felt the need to throw that out there.

Comment below and tell if you think ‘Catching Fire’ will reach the number one spot at the box office again.


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