Actors Who’ve Played Dick Grayson in Film

Earlier this month rumors began to swirl that the character of Dick Grayson might appear in the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sequel (a.k.a. the Batman vs. Superman film) and actor Adam Driver was up for the role. Not long after the rumor began to make its rounds, Driver denied it. For those who don’t know Dick Grayson’s alter ego is Robin and then Nightwing later on. So if Dick Grayson does in appear in the sequel, then most likely we’ll see one of the two alter egos.

Dick Grayson has only appeared in a hand-full of Batman films and every single time it’s been as Robin. So it would be a change of pace if Nightwing appeared in the upcoming sequel. Anyway, check out the list of people who played Dick Grayson in film below. You’ll notice someone played him more than once and one of those movies he played him in (you might remember) is TERRIBLE. I won’t even acknowledge which one it is because if you know then YOU KNOW.

So people who did Batman films before Christopher Nolan weren’t really creative when it came to the titles I see. ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman and Robin’ aren’t good enough titles to be repeated. Frankly they’re quite boring. But anyways, maybe we’ll see Dick Grayson appear in the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel in some capacity. Speaking of the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, click here to vote for your favorite possible ‘Man of Steel’ sequel title.

Comment below and tell whether you would like to see Dick Grayson in the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel.

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