Vote For Favorite Possible ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Title

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. hinted at what the title of the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel might be. Since Batman will play a big role in the film (which I don’t agree with), rumored titles like ‘Batman vs. Superman’ and ‘Worlds Finest’ began floating around instantly. Even people over at Warner Bros. began referring to the film as ‘Batman vs. Superman’, so that fueled that rumor even more.

But other titles may have a better chance of getting chosen as Warner Bros. has “secretly” registered several domain names that seem like possible titles for the sequel. Based off the domain names, check out the list below for possible titles for the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel.

  • ‘Man of Steel Battle the Knight’
  • ‘Man of Steel Beyond Darkness’
  • ‘Man of Steel Black of Knight’
  • ‘Man of Steel Darkness Falls’
  • ‘Man of Steel Knight Falls’
  • ‘Man of Steel Shadow of the Night’
  • ‘Man of Steel The Blackest Hour’
  • ‘Man of Steel The Darknness Within’

Check out the full domain names right here at Fusible. Now moving on. Below you can vote for what title is your favorite. Based off the votes, I will make an displaying the results. I’ll just start by saying that any term that deals with “darkness” seems to be used a lot lately in titles to make a film seem darker. Its getting trendy like 3D and zombies. Anyway, my favorite title from the list has to be ‘Man of Steel Shadow of the Night’. Now its your turn. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Comment below and tell if you think these are actually title possibilities.

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