2013 White House Movies Have A Winner

2013 saw the release of two different White House disaster movies, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and ‘White House Down’. ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ is the winner of the two when pertaining to the box office because it brought it in $98.9 million domestically while ‘White House Down’ brought in $73.1 million on a much bigger budget. ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ is also the winner of the two for a different reason.

A few days ago, news broke that Millennium Films and G-Base are going to produce a sequel to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ called ‘London Has Fallen’. When a nice profit is made with movies, it’s almost expected that a sequel is coming but that’s not to take away from its victory over ‘White House Down’. The Roland Emmerich directed ‘White House Down’ “bombed” at the box office by not making its production budget back domestically so I’m sure there will be no sequel for it being made in the near future…or at all (even though it did better overseas)

The battle between the White House movies seemed like it would sway in the favor of Emmerich’s film. His movie had the more popular cast that was headlined by Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum compared to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ which included Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart. ‘White House Down’ also came out during the summer, where potential blockbusters like itself have a good chance of raking in lots of money at the box office. I personally thought that ‘White House Down’ was the better movie but I will say I was pleasantly surprised that ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ actually turned out to be an entertaining good movie.

I guess viewers have spoken on how they like to see the White House get destroyed and will be rewarded in a way (with a title like ‘London Has Fallen’ I’m sure no White Houses will be destroyed this time around). Comment below and tell which one of these movies were your favorite.

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