Vote For Favorite Possible ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Title

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. hinted at what the title of the 'Man of Steel' sequel might be. Since Batman will play a big role in the film (which I don't agree with), rumored titles like 'Batman vs. Superman' and 'Worlds Finest' began floating around instantly. Even people over at Warner Bros. began referring to... Continue Reading →


Foreign Territory Box Office Totals for ‘Thor’ Franchise

'Thor: The Dark World' recently surpassed $500 million at the global box office. Domestically the movie has brought in around $167.9 million so far, while $381 million comes from foreign territories. This is definitely an accomplishment seeing how its predecessor,'Thor', never reached the $500 million mark and stalled at $449.3 million globally.Even though 'Thor: The... Continue Reading →

Reasons For The Term “Black Film”

Earlier this week, USA Today came under fire for a headline for one of their stories. To describe ‘Thor: The Dark World’ winning this past weekend’s box office and ‘The Best Man Holiday’ coming in second, USA Today came up with the headline “’Holiday’ Nearly Beat Thor as Race-Themed Films Soar.” After the terrible reception... Continue Reading →

Thor Vs. James Bond

'Thor: The Dark World' opened up this past weekend with $86.1 million. That made it the clear winner at the box office like many expected. The same weekend last year saw the release of another movie from a popular franchise. Did that film perform better than the popular Marvel sequel? The same weekend last year... Continue Reading →

Marvel Phase 2 Predictions

With 'Thor: The Dark World' finally in theaters, Marvel Studios is back to dominate the box office. Not as strong as when 'Iron Man 3' was released earlier this year but still definitely good business. According to, they predict the sequel will make around $88 million in its opening weekend. The movie has already... Continue Reading →

The Downfall of Movie Rental Stores

Earlier this week, news got out that Blockbuster will be closing the rest of their stores and end their mailing movies distribution. This news is another clear inclination that movie rental stores are a dying breed. New avenues to watch movies in the comfort of your home have definitely played a part in the downfall... Continue Reading →

2013 White House Movies Have A Winner

2013 saw the release of two different White House disaster movies, 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'White House Down'. 'Olympus Has Fallen' is the winner of the two when pertaining to the box office because it brought it in $98.9 million domestically while 'White House Down' brought in $73.1 million on a much bigger budget. 'Olympus Has... Continue Reading →

Officially Two Quickslivers

Have you ever heard of Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff? Well if you haven't then you will become more familiar with him over the next two years. Quicksilver is a Marvel character and the son of Magneto (You know who he is right? The guy from the X-Men movies? Ok cool). He also has a twin sister named Wanda "The... Continue Reading →

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