Why ‘The Monuments Men’ Shouldn’t Have Been Pushed Back

Recently, Columbia Pictures decided to push the release date of ‘The Monuments Men’ back from December 18th to sometime in 2014. The reason that is floating around is that George Clooney (who is the movies writer, director and also stars in it) didn’t have enough time to finish up the movie.

The push back for ‘The Monuments Men’ should be disappointing for those involved in the movie because it was looking like it might of been a major player once award season arrived. Now with the push back, it’s likely that the film will not be released in time to qualify for any award show nominations. George Clooney probably doesn’t care too much seeing how he was apart of the producing team of ‘Argo’, which one the Best Picture award at this years Academy Awards. But who cares what he thinks. Lets take a look at what a few early Oscar predictions were saying regarding ‘The Monuments Men’.

I have to say that I’m happy that the film is pushed back (hopefully) away from awards season because it gives ‘Fruitvale Station’ a better chance to gather up nominations. Comment below and tell me how you feel about ‘The Monuments Men’ being pushed back or your predictions for this upcoming awards season.

3 thoughts on “Why ‘The Monuments Men’ Shouldn’t Have Been Pushed Back

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  1. Wonder if the gov’t, placed a hold on the movie since the just discovered $1billion in stolen treasure the Nazi’s stole.

    1. Wow I didn’t know about that. But that could be the real reason. Who really knows the truth about anything anymore. But for now, George Clooney is saying that he needed more time to finish the film.

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