Can ‘Gravity’ Get The Most Weeks At #1 Ever?

Yet again here comes more ‘Gravity’ talk. This movie just continues to dominate the movie scene so its getting kind of hard to not bring it up quite often. Now onto another ‘Gravity’ accomplishment. ‘Gravity’ has once again landed at the top of the box office with $31 million. This makes it three straight weeks that the movie has been the number one movie in the country. It’s difficult for a movie to land at that spot for two weeks or even one week at that, so three weeks is definitely an accomplishment.

‘Gravity’ is dominating the box office during a time of year where films don’t normally do so, so Warner Bros. was smart to release the film away from other big blockbusters and in the time of the year where we’re getting close to award season. Who knows, the domination could continue on for a little longer. Actually, lets just pretend that ‘Gravity’s’ reign at number will continue. To have the most number one’s at the box office, what movie would it have to pass?

In 1982, a little movie by the name of ‘E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial’ (you might of heard of it) held the number one spot at the box office 16 weeks while it was in theaters. As fun as it is to pretend, there’s no way that anyone could actually believe that ‘Gravity’ will get anywhere close to 16 weeks, especially not with potentially big movies like  ‘Ender’s Game’, ‘Thor: The Dark World’, and ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ ready to have their turn at dominating the box office.

I’m looking forward to seeing if ‘Gravity’ can make it four weeks at number one this coming weekend. Comment below and tell what you think of ‘Gravity’s’ success so far or what you think the movie will do in the future.



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