A Students Thoughts on Gravity

‘Gravity’ has been getting nothing but great reviews since its release last Friday (even before that actually). After I seen the movie myself, I thought it was a great film, especially  visually. Although it was great, I didn’t think it was the greatest movie to appear in theaters this year. My opinion must be wrong though since everyone else loved it so much. But anyways, I decided to ask a student at Ohio University what he thought about the movie to see if he actually thought something different about it compared to, what feels like, the rest of the country.


Comment below and tell what you thought about ‘Gravity’.

5 thoughts on “A Students Thoughts on Gravity

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  1. As far as I am concerned, it is the best movie so far from 2013. But, there have already been so many really good movies (Before Midnight, Blue Jasmine, The Spectacular Now, Fruitvale Station) that I can understand it not being the very best for some.

    1. I haven’t seen Before Midnight or Blue Jasmine yet but I did see The Spectacular Now and Fruitvale Station. In my opinion Gravity is better than The Spectacular Now but not Fruitvale Station. Michael B. Jordans acting in that film not only carried it but I think it’s stronger than Sandra Bullocks in Gravity.

      1. Well, to me, the performance of the year so far is Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine, but Michael B. Jordan was great too. I’m not sure if the Academy is going to recognize him, but he deserves to at least be considered.

      2. Well then I definitely have to check that movie out then. And it sucks to say but I don’t think the Academy will recognize him either. The summer release will probably really hurt.

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