Justin Timberlake Going For Two #1’s In One Week

Justin Timberlake must be having a busy week.  Earlier this week he released the Part 2 of his ‘The 20/20 Experience’ album (which are both great, don’t listen to critics) and this weekend comes the release of his new film with Ben Affleck, ‘Runner Runner’.Timberlake might not be saying this out loud but I bet he’s hoping that come next week, he’ll be at the top of the music charts and the box office. If he does, he’d join the company of another famous entertainer.

Timberlake has the rare chance to accomplish that very feat with his two new releases. If he does accomplish the feat, he would join Jennifer Lopez as the other person to do it. On January 23rd, 2001 Lopez released her album ‘J. Lo’ and on January 26th, 2001 released the movie ‘The Wedding Planner’, with her as the star. The next week, both releases were #1 in their areas of entertainment.

The opportunity for Timberlake is there but is going to be difficult. His ‘The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2’ is projected to sell 375k copies and that’s looking like a clear #1 chart position but ‘Runner Runner’ is another story. If it doesn’t come in #1, blame ‘Gravity’ which is projected to claim the weekend with $40 million. It’ll probably do as the projections say since it’s getting nothing but rave reviews. Don’t believe me, click here to find out. Also, Rotten Tomatoes is showing a 9% for Timberlake’s new film so that’s yet another thing that’ll probably hold it back.

Justin Timberlake is already one of the greatest entertainers of our era (not an opinion, it’s a fact) so he doesn’t need this accomplishment but it would be really cool if he could achieve it. Comment below and tell if you think he’ll reach this feat or just what you think about Timberlake himself.

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  1. Teaming up with good director such as Ben could help him reach that goal. His acting is becoming just as polished as his music skills – a double threat cant wait to see what else he is thinking about trying.

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