Prediction: The Next Movie With 3 Straight Weeks at #1

'Gravity' just got done reigning atop the box office for three straight weeks, but will another movie recreate that feat soon? I'm not 100% sure but there is a film that has a strong chance of doing so based upon the hype for it and the other movies being released around it. Before you begin... Continue Reading →


Preferring To Watch Movies At Home

If you want to see some of the newer movies like 'Bad Grandpa', 'Captain Phillips', and (of course) 'Gravity', you'll have to go to the movie theater and check them out. For some people, they much rather wait until they come out on video because they prefer to watch movies at home instead of going... Continue Reading →

A Students Thoughts on Gravity

'Gravity' has been getting nothing but great reviews since its release last Friday (even before that actually). After I seen the movie myself, I thought it was a great film, especially  visually. Although it was great, I didn't think it was the greatest movie to appear in theaters this year. My opinion must be wrong... Continue Reading →

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