How Do You Feel About 3D Movies? IMAX Movies? Dine-In Theaters?

On this very blog, I will be posting a story about how the newer trends of the movie theater industry have had an effect on a small market city like Athens, Ohio. I will also be using Athens’ very own, Athena Grand movie theater, as my prime example. To make the story fully complete I would like to get some feed back from you, the reader. All you have to do is answer the three polls below and it would be great if you could give a quick explanation for you answer in the comments section below or tell me on twitter @natesgordon. Thanks for your help!


10 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About 3D Movies? IMAX Movies? Dine-In Theaters?

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  1. My first and only time for both dine in and 3D was with my son the owner of this blog:) 3D is amazing an surprising the food at the dine was yummy. I ate it so quickly I embarrassed myself.

  2. I have been to the dine-in movie and I think it is overpriced and you do not get a lot of food, but it is good. And I am not a big fan of the 3D movies. Seen a few and the effects are not the same… By the way, my brother is the blogger. Cool right? I know!

  3. The prices keeps most of the noisy kids out, so you can enjoy the movie. And with the seating arrangement of grouping 2 chairs together almost feels as if you have the whole theater to yourself.
    Now only if they could improve the food…then the price would be really worth it.

    1. The food quality is probably going to depend on the success of the theaters. One theater with dine-in theaters might might not do as well with another theater with it so they probably won’t have the opportunity to go after higher quality food.

  4. I like the old 3D movies where they made you feel as if you where in the movies by throwing a lot of objects toward you. Don’t see that to often unless you go to the big theme parks.

    1. I like 3D most of the time but I know it’s just an easy gimmick to make the movie more money. But a lot of the time now, 3D is used to enhance the environment of the movie. Just look at Avatar.

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